National Fleet

Choose the best fleet card for your needs and start benefiting from innovative fleet management and many other associated benefits


  • Available in the adherent network of Alves Bandeira Gas Stations 
  • Access to more than 160 Alves Bandeira gas stations
  • Access to more than 400 Repsol gas stations (only via Solred AB card) 
  • Access to the full range of fuel and AdBlue® products available
  • Credit payment and discount on fuel consumption (credit payment exclusive for abFrota and Solred AB cards).
  • Security in refuels, online validation of transactions according to the limits and permissions assigned to each card, through PIN code.
  • Online fleet management.

  • Personalized service through the Helpline: +351 707 201 073 (available from Monday to Friday from 7.00h to 23.00h, Saturday and Sunday from 9.00h to 18.00h - GMT time zone).


Professional Diesel

The Law nº 24/2016, of August 22, created a partial refund regime of the Tax on Petroleum Products (ISP) for freight transport companies, with the intent to promote fiscal competitiveness in the designated "Professional Diesel" that, through existing mechanisms in Spain, has led international transport companies to move consumption out of our country.

If you intend to benefit from the Professional Diesel refund you should be informed about it's most relevant points:
  • Mandatory Requirements;
  • Eligibility of the Transactions;
  • Limits of Reimbursement;
  • Amount of Reimbursement;
  • Transaction Submission Process;
  • Eligibility of Gas Stations by the TA;
  • Partial PSI Repayment Settlement by TA;
  • Complementary Information.


After each refuel, a receipt is issued automatically, detailing the place of supply, date and time, the quantity of fuel, type of product, and card/ customer data.

Each card has a security PIN for validation of transactions, chosen according to your needs, and it can be assigned automatically or predefined by you at the time of adhesion.

Consumption control and fleet management

  • Identification of the Vehicle;
  • Information consumptions made (Lts and €);
  • Security of refuels (online validation);
  • Identification of the place, date and time of transaction, quantity and product purchased;
  • Monthly summary of consumption per vehicle;
  • Discounts for each liter of fuel;
  • Control of fleet kilometers and averages;
  • Monthly or biweekly invoicing;
  • The convenience of direct debit payment;
  • No cost associated with card issuance/cancellation;
  • No fee for detailed billing.