Alves Bandeira reinforces its gas station network with a new retailer


Alves Bandeira is once again expanding its network of service stations in the Aveiro district, this time with the opening of a new gas station in Fontelas do Vouga, Sever do Vouga municipality.


The new station, located on the border between the Aveiro and Viseu districts, offers the usual regular and additive fuels (Extreme +), as well as green diesel and fuel blends.


In order to meet the needs of the professional sector and local businesses, the station is equipped to accept the AB Fleet card and is also eligible for partial recovery of the ISP (Professional Diesel).


With operating hours from 7 AM to 9 PM, the station provides a wide range of convenience products, including bottled gas, lubricants, magazines and newspapers, beverages, snacks, and other items that make travel breaks more enjoyable.


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Gas station