EZU’s energy solution allows the increase in the profitability of solar panels by about 60%

When we talk about the profitability of solar panels one of the most important points to consider is the energy consumption produced.

It is usually very difficult for a family to consume all the renewable energy it produces since there are several periods during the day when energy production is higher than the consumption made in the dwelling, being thus injected into the network free of charge.

One way around this issue is to purchase batteries for the storage of excess production, thus being able to consume energy later. Although it is a practical and logical solution, it requires a high investment that is not always justified.

Therefore, it is usual that most consumers see the investment in a solar panel kit as a self-consumption solution and do not realize that they can economically benefit from the surplus.

According to the newspaper ECO, the question is: Would these consumers change this perspective if they knew that, in some cases, more than 60% of the energy produced is inserted into the network without receiving anything in return?

Today there are more and more Portuguese people with UPAC (Production Unit for Self-consumption) taking some monetary benefit from the overproduction of their photovoltaic panels, and selling it to electricity trading entities.

Among the 29 entities that supply electricity to domestic consumers, only four foresee the purchase of surplus energy production, and one of them is EZU Energia.

Belonging to the Alves Bandeira Group, EZU Energia’s mission is to offer the best energy and natural gas solutions for companies and individuals, regardless of their size and location. 

On the one hand, you can sell your energy surplus and therefore increase the profitability of your photovoltaic panels; on the other, you can choose one of the electricity tariffs available for your home or business. In both cases, you can count on EZU Energia.

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