5 tips to save fuel on the consumption of your fleet

Follow our 5 tips and start saving fuel and increasing the efficiency of your fleets:

1. Use a consumption management platform

You don’t need to wait until the month's end to know what your fleet’s consumption was. There are software solutions, such as Alves Bandeira's online Fleet Management Portal, that give you daily information about the consumption of each car in your fleet and their cost to your company. This information allows you to readjust the routes of your fleet sustainably, thus enhancing the profitability of your fuel.

2. Always define your routes

With the information that you take from a consumption control and management platform, you can also define your routes in advance to be more efficient. This will not only reduce your fuel consumption but also reduce your customers' waiting times and increase their satisfaction.
With the new Alves Bandeira APP, you can plan your routes quickly and easily anywhere! Access an interactive map that shows you the most agile routes to get to your destination, and schedule your supplies by viewing all the gas stations on your way.

3. Promote an economic driving style

Investing in driver training to create safer and more economical driving habits is becoming more relevant every day to achieve greater efficiency in your fleet.
We highlight some of the more conventional measures of this driving style that can reduce your operating expenses:
• Turn off the vehicle while waiting;
• Accelerate and brake smoothly;
• When possible drive at low RPMs;
• Drive at a constant speed;
• Reduce the use of air conditioning;

4. Use a fleet card

This is an option that directly impacts your fleet’s fuel economy as it gives you access to:
• Exclusive fuel discounts;
• Payment by credit or debit;
• Online fleet management portal;
• Card with PIN for greater security;
• Card parameterization adapted to your needs;
• Dedicated account manager;
• Among other advantages.
Get to know all the advantages of the different Alves Bandeira Fleet Cards here

5. Constantly maintain your fleet

Vehicles with delayed maintenance tend to consume more since the wear of their components interferes with the proper functioning of the engine and makes it spend more fuel. 
Steering alignment, wheel balancing, and tire calibration are factors you should also pay attention, to avoid additional tire and fuel consumption.
5 tips to save fuel on the consumption of your fleet