Alves Bandeira Welcomes Ergovisão!


As part of the Pontos AB loyalty program, Alves Bandeira announces a new partnership with Ergovisão, a Portuguese company specializing in the sale of optical products and the provision of visual health services.

This new partnership aims to offer discounts at participating Ergovisão stores through the redemption of points. Practically, the customer will need to redeem 1,000 points to obtain a discount that varies depending on the final purchase amount. For purchases over €800, the discount is €200; for purchases over €400, the discount is €100; for purchases over €200, the discount is €50; and for purchases over €100, the discount is €25.

Points can be redeemed at participating Alves Bandeira stations or directly through the Alves Bandeira APP.

"We are excited to add Ergovisão to our current list of national partners, which already includes recognized brands such as Staples, Wook, Vila Galé, and Stara. We will soon announce three new partners and hope to close two more partnerships by the end of the year. In addition to our national partner network, we also have over 1,000 local partners spread across Portugal where our loyal customers can save on everyday purchases," says Pedro Mascarenhas, Marketing Director of Grupo Alves Bandeira.

For more information about the Pontos AB loyalty program and its main benefits, please visit the official program website

Alves Bandeira Welcomes Ergovisão!