Grupo Alves Bandeira supports the Refood project


The Alves Bandeira Group through its company Alves Bandeira, joined the Refood project as a partner for energy and mobility, contributing with fuel for deliveries and also with a donation of food.

The partnership established with the nucleus of Refood in Coimbra was born to help in the daily collection of surplus food from restaurants, canteens, and supermarkets and, later, in its delivery to the local community in need.


The Refood Movement today is global, national, and local. In Portugal, more than 60 local centers operate to serve their communities. Through each local Refood nucleus, the food is rescued, the people are fed and the community is included in this mission that belongs to everyone.

This is another solidarity initiative to which the Alves Bandeira Group joins, with the intent of helping all those who need it most.


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Grupo Alves Bandeira supports the Refood project