Alves Bandeira once again gathered its operational teams in three annual brainstorming sessions aimed at obtaining new suggestions and solutions for a set of topics primarily related to improving customer service, loyalty, satisfaction, and experience.

Over three days, employees and station managers, area managers, and other members of the Operations, Marketing, Training, and Non-Fuel teams, who essentially work closely with Alves Bandeira's customers, whether they are individuals or businesses, were present. The first session took place on October 19 at Bukubaki, near Peniche, a space known for its sustainable vocation, where employees from the South region were present. A week later, on the 26th of the same month, the second meeting was held, bringing together teams from the Central region of the country at Palácio de São Silvestre, a unique place with many stories to tell. The third and final brainstorming session, which brought together employees from the North, took place on November 7 at the rooftop of Vertical Coworking, right in the heart of the city.

In total, more than 60 employees attended, generating over 50 ideas that will now be analyzed and worked on by the responsible Departments, with the aim of defining those that will be integrated into the strategic plans for the year 2024.

In all sessions, the main results of the Pontos AB loyalty program were presented. Launched in 2019 and after 5 years, the program conceived and developed by Alves Bandeira itself now has more than 270,000 active customers and a very significant share of total sales made at over 170 stations distributed from north to south of Portugal.

The development of actions like brainstorming are part of Alves Bandeira Group's annual endomarketing plan, specifically promoting the values and organizational culture that characterize the Portuguese economic group.