Nuno Sobral - A limitless life lesson


Nuno Sobral is a 46-year-old athlete who served Portugal as a military personnel in conflict zones such as Kosovo and Bosnia between 1996 and 1997. About seven years ago, he suffered a motorcycle accident that left him paralyzed. In December 2022, during the floods in Algés, Nuno was alone in his house and witnessed the water flooding his home and destroying everything he had. Despite his limitations, he climbed the stairs using only his arms to survive, after already saving his dog.


Even though Nuno had reasons to "give up" on life, the truth is that, motivated and inspired by his daughter, he found his purpose in life: to help others through his resilience and determination.


He found a way to go beyond his limitations through adapted sports, proving with each of his achievements that being in a wheelchair does not diminish the essence of being human. With this mindset, Nuno established the Nuno Sobral Association, aiming to promote social inclusion and fight social exclusion through sports and to help individuals realize that there are no limits in life.


In recent years, Nuno has engaged in various adapted sports, including climbing, wakeboarding, and cycling. However, the PT 281 Ultramarathon was undoubtedly the biggest sports challenge he has ever faced.


Between July 20 and 23, he participated in this event, known to be one of the toughest ultramarathons in the country. It stands out for its surroundings, both the landscapes it crosses and the towns it passes through, but above all for the values that athletes share, from a high capacity for resilience to deal with the effort and pain of the race to the friendship and camaraderie shared throughout the journey.


With the support of Alves Bandeira, Nuno covered 248km between Belmonte and Proença-a-Nova on an adapted bicycle. Over more than 52 hours, he consistently received the support and company of his teammate, coach, and friend Sérgio Melo.


Completing this event was a way for Nuno to inspire others to surpass themselves, demonstrating that it's possible to "break down seemingly insurmountable barriers" since "most of the time, the limits are in our minds." By achieving this feat, Nuno became the first paraplegic to finish an ultramarathon.


Thank you, Nuno, for your life example, and to the Alves Bandeira Group for having the opportunity to be part of this story!


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Nuno Sobral